Metaura Pro

A Transformational Smart Wearable Air Conditioner

Generate turly cold air flow

Soft, Cooling Breeze

Intelligent Temperature Regulation

3 Icy Cooling Plates

Air Flow Slider Adjustment

App Control

Up to 8 hours Battery Life

22w Fast Charge

121 pairs of semiconductor particles

Used to form thermocouple pairs,
which generatesa Peltier effect,
efficiently creating a temperature
differential between hot and cold

The internal structure is filled with liquid, and
when the heat is released, the liquid
inside vaporizes

Transfers to the condensation layer where it is cooled.
The result of this process transforms hot temperatures
into cool ones, which are then applied to a large,
temperature-controlled surface area.

Combined with what is known as a VC plate, which has a liquid-cooled, heat-dissipating/heat-equalizing mechanism.

The icy temperature is transferred to the airflow within Metaura’s internal mechanism through the three-dimensional diversion and temperature-conducting blades in the air duct, to cool the airflow to a level lower than the ambient temperature.

Not Only Portable

But Also Wearable

Intelligent control
automatic switching between different modes
Smart start/stop system
Metaura intelligently monitors itself, so when you take it off, it recognizes that it is no longer in use and will automatically shut off and switch to standby mode to save power consumption. When you put Metaura on again, it simply restarts without having to reboot.
Smart App control
Simply switch on the Bluetooth on your phone, and you can easily adjust Metaura’s temperature, as well as switch to any mode you prefer and select your ideal temperature and airflow.

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